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Exhaust Repairs & Replacements

Car exhaust fitting experts in Crawley and beyond

If you believe you have an issue with your exhaust system, the team at T&N is always happy to carry out a free, no-obligation exhaust check. Not only will this give you complete peace of mind but it will highlight any problems that may need to be fixed as to avoid further issues in the future. With a team of skilled, experienced mechanics on hand, we’ll complete a visual exhaust check that will allow us to expertly diagnose the cause of the problem before advising you on a solution that’s both long-lasting and cost-effective. In the majority of cases, it’s best to completely replace the exhaust rather than to repair it as the latter can ultimately end up costing you more. What are you waiting for? If you have an issue with your exhaust system then give us a call and we’ll assist you.

Look no further than T&N for exhaust replacement in Crawley

We supply and fit car exhausts for a range of makes and models, all of which come at a competitive price. Based in Crawley, we’re proud of the reputation we’ve cemented as an independent garage that works with customers in the local and surrounding areas. Our years of experience have taught us how to tailor our skills to suit the exacting requirements of our clients, and we’ll never fail to communicate with you every step of the way. Our free exhaust checks are one of our most popular services, so please don’t hesitate to contact us as soon as possible to make sure you don’t miss out.

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Car Exhausts guide

The exhaust system is one of the most vital components of your car because it gives you the best possible fuel economy and reduces the CO2 emissions produced by your vehicle. For the best maintenance practices, most manufacturers recommend that your car’s exhaust is checked every six months or ever 6,000 miles. However, more often than not, a problem with your exhaust system can lead to further issues down the line such as your car failing its MOT, making it no longer legal to drive. Usually the best course of action is to replace your exhaust system – a service that we can achieve quickly, efficiently and affordably.

Car Exhausts Faq's

A car’s exhaust system has four main functions: controlling noise, directing exhaust fumes away from passengers, improving the performance of the engine and improving fuel consumption. The layout of the exhaust system in every car is different but the all work toward the same purpose.

It is recommended that you get your exhaust checked at least twice a year so that you can be made aware of any issues before the safety of your car is compromised. A mechanic should check for any corrosion, cracks, broken hangers and increased levels of pollutant gas.

There are a few ways you can tell if there is an issue with your exhaust. One of the main indicators is that your exhaust has become very noisy. One of the major components of an exhaust is the silencer and when the exhaust becomes corroded or there is a hole, the sound will no longer be muffled. Another telltale sign is a rattling noise from under the vehicle, implying that the exhaust has corroded and come away from its clamps and hangers.

Damage to your exhaust will increase the noise, smoke or fuel consumption making your car’s noise emissions and CO2 emissions higher than the legal requirements. This could also mean that your car fails its annual MOT and it will no longer be deemed legal for use.

Your exhaust produces harmful emissions of carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide which are harmful if they are released into the atmosphere. A catalytic convertor works to substantially reduce the amount of gas pollutants and converts them into water vapour. All cars manufactured since 1993 are legally required to have a catalytic convertor fitted to the exhaust.

If you’re concerned about any issues, a free, no-obligation exhaust inspection will check for any corrosion, punctures or general wear and tear that could be causing your problems with your car. In the case that any issue is found, we’ll discuss the recommended solution with you before we do any work.


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