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Car Batteries

Car battery fitting experts in Crawley

At T&N we pride ourselves on offering a quality service each and every time. We offer a free car battery check to help keep all our customers safe on the road. If you think you have an issue with your car battery, don’t hesitate to get in touch today and our experts will be able to conduct a thorough and complete check on your battery to highlight any issues. Not only do we offer free checks, but we are car battery fitting experts and we are always on hand to fit a new car battery in Crawley for any car. We provide solutions to any problems discovered that are both long-lasting and cost-effective, helping you get back on the road as soon as possible. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our skilled team today and see exactly how we can help.

Choose T&N for your car battery replacement in Crawley

We are the first choice for many car owners in Crawley as we offer an unbeatable battery replacement service. We are an independent garage and we have established a reputation that we are proud of. Our skilled team can advise you on the best solution to any issues your car is having and help you get back behind the steering wheel as quickly as possible. We replace batteries in a variety of cars at a very competitive price, and our skilled team has a range of expertise and skills, ensuring we are equipped to deal any car battery issue. For a quality service that you can count on in Crawley, choose T&N. Don’t hesitate to get in touch and speak to one of our friendly staff today. At T&N, we’re always happy to help, no matter how big or small the issue is.

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Car Battery Guide

When you start your car, it is the car battery that supplies power to the starter motor, which turns the engine over. Your battery power is also used to ignite the fuel and air mixture that is compressed in the engine combustion cylinders. Your car battery will be returned to its full charge shortly after as the power used during the start up process is replaced by the alternator. Your car battery also powers additional features in your car such as air conditional, sat navs and digital music players and these can affect your batteries performance overtime. Your battery strength can also be affected by both the amount of work it has the do and the conditions it works under, such as colder weather.

Car Batteries Faq's

The growth of in-car technology such as air conditioning, sat navs and digital music players, means a greater strain is placed on your car’s battery. This can lead to premature battery failure. Generally car batteries last for around four years, however, it is possible for battery failures to happen almost without warning, so for peace of mind, book a free battery check with T&N to ensure your battery is in good working order.

While, it is possible for your car battery to fail almost without warning, there are a number of signs to look out for. If you have trouble starting your engine and can hear a clicking noise coming from your starter motor, this could be a sign your battery is flat. Another indicator is if your electrically powered features aren’t working as they should. This includes the air conditioning, radio and lights. It is also possible for your battery to become over charged. If it has, you will notice a smell similar to rotting eggs and should have your battery checked immediately to ensure the sulphuric acid in the battery does not pose a risk to yourself, your passengers or your car.

When you are looking to buy a new car battery, it is essential you install the right type of battery for your car. If you buy a battery with a lower capacity rating, your car may not perform as well as it could, and if you buy the wrong size battery, it is likely it will not match your car’s terminal locations. If you choose T&N, our experts can recommend the right battery for your vehicle and fit it in your car for you to ensure your car performs the best it can.

We recommend you seek professional advice if you are concerned about your car battery and at T&N we are always happy to help. One simple check you can perform yourself is to ensure the terminal connectors are tight and kept clean. You can coat the terminal connectors with petroleum jelly to reduce the risk of a build-up of corrosive material. Make sure not to over tighten the connectors as this can damage the battery. Importantly, beware of connecting the positive and negative terminals as this can cause an electric shock or, in extreme cases, an explosion. If in doubt, always seek professional advice.

To preserve the life of your battery, make sure you occasionally take your car out on a longer journey as frequent short journeys do not allow the battery to fully recharge. You should also be very careful not to leave your interior and exterior lights on when you are not driving your vehicle.

The time taken to charge a car battery can vary from make and model and differs depending on the amps and charger you are using. We recommend you opt for a slower overnight charge, of around 2-3amps, as this will prevent the risk of the battery plates becoming buckled.


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